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Our method

Our method

We believe that the effectiveness and quality of Recruitment starts with getting to know the Client. That is why every Client is provided with a dedicated Recruiter. This person combines his / her role as a Recruiter with an Account Manager. When receiving a first request, the Recruiter will first personally get to know HR or Talent Acquisition and possibly other stakeholders, such as department heads. In that personal introduction, he / she wants to learn everything about the company: not only about the products, but also about the vision and mission statement, and what is going on within the company, in the Netherlands and internationally. A dedicated back-up is also provided so that in the event of the dedicated Recruiter’s absence, a colleague Recruiter can act as a contact person and take over procedures.

Our process

Once the relationship has been established and the terms and conditions have been contractually agreed and signed, the process usually works as follows.

  • Vacancy request and job intake

    The Client provides a job description of the vacancy, usually in the form of a phone call or an e-mail. The Recruiter will then contact the  Hiring Manager or HR for the job intake within 24 hours. This is intended to discuss and match the vacancy and the (ideal) Candidate profile. But it is also important to know whether it concerns a Recruitment and Selection (Client will employ the Candidate), a Contracting (Herakles Pharma Staffing will employ the Candidate and he / she will work for the Client.) or an Interim Assignment (Herakles Pharma Staffing is looking for and contracts a Freelancer who will work for the Client). Based on the job intake, our Recruiter can make a realistic estimate within which period you can expect the first Candidates.

  • Recruitment

    As soon as the job intake has been processed, Herakles Pharma Staffing draws up a recruitment profile and ensures that the vacancy text will be very easy to find by SEO (search engine optimization). In such a way that it attracts the right target group and that it is distributed through various channels. Depending on your demands and wishes, the company name and terms of employment may or may not be mentioned in the vacancy text. After publishing the position on the internet, we will approach Candidates from our database and our network, and we also search for the right Candidate profiles via Social Media. As soon as a potential Candidate appears interested, we start an intake in a face-to-face call with the Candidate. Diplomas are also checked, as well as matters such as ID and driver’s license.

  • Selection

    Candidates who have been successfully interviewed by us and who we consider suitable for the assumed position at your organization are introduced with a CV and (short) profile presentation. If desired, Herakles Pharma Staffing can also organize an assessment prior to this. In many cases, we’ll offer an oral explanation to the Hiring Manager or HR after the introduction. When a Candidate is selected by the Client for a first interview, the day and time will be coordinated. Herakles Pharma Staffing will arrange these matters with both parties. And we’ll also arrange this for the following interview rounds.

  • Completion

    For our part, we want to ensure that the entire Candidate journey will be a thoroughly customer-friendly experience. After all, you never get a second chance for a first impression. We guide the Candidate (and of course you too) throughout the entire process up to and including accepting the employment contract. In case of a Contracting or an Interim Assignment, we remain in close contact with the Hiring Manager regarding the performance of the Herakles Pharma Staffing Employee or Self-employed Person.


At our established Clients, the service conditions have been drawn up in a master service agreement, often for a period of two or three years. For new Clients these conditions need to be agreed upon. This is possible with a one-time agreement, but of course we prefer to work together on a long term basis. Herakles Pharma Staffing is flexible in this anyway.

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