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Biometrics & Data Management vacancies

Vacancies Biometrics & Data Management

Have you completed an academic degree in life sciences, for example in Mathematics or Statistics and do you have an affinity with the processing and interpretation of (large quantities) clinical data? Then a position as Data Manager, Data Entry Specialist or (Bio) Statistician might be interesting for you. Herakles Pharma Staffing offers a wide range of jobs in the field of Biometrics and Data Management for the pharmaceutical industry. All the recruiters at Herakles Pharma Staffing have worked in the Life Sciences sector and would be happy to help you find the job you want in pharmaceutical field.

All our Biometrics & Data Management vacancies are listed below. Are you looking for a specific job ? If so, you can use the search options for jobs and/or keywords.

Is there currently no suitable position for you in the Biomedical Sciences? Then register with us using the button below and create a JobAlert. Sometimes we may have job vacancies in our portfolio that we cannot publish on our website because of their confidential nature.