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Clinical Project Manager Job description

What does a Clinical Project Manager?

As a Clinical Project Manager (CPM)  you are responsible for setting up, coordinating and leading clinical trials with medicines, medical nutrition or medical devices at a pharmaceutical company, a (academic) hospital or a Clinical Research Organization (CRO). You will lead a clinical project team consisting of Clinical Trial Assistants (CTA), Clinical Start-up specialists, Clinical Research Associates (CRA) and Data Managers. You will also manage vendors such as central laboratories. You will monitor the progress of your project(s) and provide regular updates to internal and if applicable external stakeholders, such as the sponsor / client (the pharmaceutical, medical devices or medical nutrition company). As a CPM you will be ultimately responsible for ensuring that your project is completed just in time within budget and with the right quality!

Synonyms for the Clinical Project Manager (CPM) are Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) and Clinical Study Manager (CSM).

Some tasks/responsibilities of a Clinical Project Manager

  • Initiating and managing clinical projects in accordance with all relevant guidelines, legislation and SOPs;
  • Monitoring the progress of the clinical trial in relation to the project plan and previously defined performance indicators in terms of quality and budget;
  • Identify risks and develop and implement plans to mitigate risks in collaboration with team members and other stakeholders;
  • Act as a daily point of contact for the sponsor and all members of the project team;
  • Develop research-specific documents;
  • Reporting the progress to the internal project team, the internal and if applicable external stakeholders;
  • Negotiating contracts with research centers and suppliers;
  • Managing project finances in accordance with the (sponsor) contract and budget;
  • Provide input for proposals and budgets and play a role in bid defense meetings.

Your background and profile

  • Bachelor or Master graduate in life science;
  • Excellent communication, negotiation and organizational skills;
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Experience with managing a budget and a team;
  • Experience as a CRA is a plus
  • Leadership skills, helicopter view;
  • Knowledge of Good Clinical Practive (GCP), Project Management (PMP)

Terms of employment and salary

The salary of a Clinical Project Manager is variable and depending on experience and the size of the projects that are being managed. In general, the scale starts on € 60,000 per year and continues to more than € 100,000. The secondary employment conditions typically entail a performance based bonus and a lease car.

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