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Scientist Job description

What does a Scientist?

As a Scientist you will be working in the laboratory, however your operational tasks are less practical. A team of technicians will run the standard assays and various laboratory analyses for you. You will develop research projects and will be involved in the development and set-up of new experiments. In the case of the development of new medicines, you might also be involved in the formulation- and stability testing of these medicines as well as and upscaling of tests and results. This position is reserved for PhD candidates with a Research and Development (R&D) background or as next step for experienced associate scientists or technicians.


  • Development of new research projects and associated experiments;
  • Analysis and processing of data;
  • Management of technicians;
  • Sharing of information via meetings, presentations, and internal communication.


  • PhD with research experience in the lab;
  • Thorough knowledge of complicated research techniques (e.g. ELISA, ELISPOT, GC-MS, MS-MS, etc.);
  • Fluency in academic English;
  • (Co)authorship of high impact publications is a plus.

Terms of employment and salary

Depending on the experience and skills of a candidate, the salary ranges between € 45,000.- and € 70,000.- per year on a full-time basis.

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