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Herakles Pharma


Herakles Pharma Staffing is an accredited work placement company

We are proud to announce that we are since March 2019 an official “Accredited work placement company“. From now on we are allowed to help students, during an internship, to learn about our industry and services. For more information click here.


Since business establishment in 2007, Herakles Pharma Staffing has successfully provided services to over 100 Life Science clients. We are proud of the high level of ‘repeat business’ and are hugely motivated to convince new clients of the added value we can contribute.

We work in very close collaboration with the partners listed below and they demonstrate the versatility of activities in which Herakles Pharma Staffing participates.




Buro TM is a Consultancy & Coaching agency that helps both companies and individuals to grow by offering a total solution, using Taylor Protocols ™. The basis of Taylor Protocols ™ is the Core Value Index ™, or the CVI ™. This method has not only proved to be very effective in personal growth, but also in optimizing the business. BURO TM is convinced that achieving “place of best and highest contribution” results in a higher ROI within a company and personal growth of the individual. By making use of, among other things, Taylor Protocols ™ CVI ™, BURO TM offers the possibility to link the innate, non-changing, preferred behavior to the tasks and responsibilities of the individual.



Van Veen Lawyers is one of the greatest allround law firms between Utrecht and Arnhem. With seventeen lawyers they are both large (listed) companies, smaller businesses and individuals to help. Negotiation, mediation and a solution-driven approach belong to the core competencies of this law firm. On the website tab ‘specialties’ you will find information about their services within the various jurisdictions.


CR2O BV is a European full-service academic CRO, specialised in operating and managing early stage clinical trials for infectious diseases, oncology and immunology.




Catalyze is a full-service consultancy organisation specialised in Life Science, Biotechnology and medical technology. Catalyze offers a total solution and delivers knowledge and specialised services to support researchers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies wishing to bring innovative ideas to the market. It covers consultancy and services in the field of subsidies and financing, loan applications, tax returns (WBSO), business plan drafting and administrative support.



Business optimization and achieving personal growth by the right person at the right place? Taylor Protocols™ helps (supported by our Taylor Protocols-certified partner, BURO TM Consulting & Coaching) to attract a significant number of additional top performers, and by professional advice to put your current employees in the role that typically suits them. The effectiveness of Taylor Protocols™ is based upon the Core Value Index™ (CVI™). (CVI™) is a revolutionary test that provides a description of the innate, unchanging character of an individual!